Warning Payment

We have got only 4 accounts:

 Perfect Money

      2. Webmoney:  Z397751493809

      3. Bitcoin (BTC): 18Ue21JDZHzekJPXhnA4bvzk6a5XKisPrC

      4. Ethereum (ETH): 0x835b62aceD058738aC11Df3CA0F828968FC8C637

      5. Litecoin (LTC): LQY8W9aqGxniBU94mrLgbkB78jwa1FUiew

      6. Bitcoin Cash (BCH): 1azXauckMMPXi2NDwCiouLbpUgXyE4rzT

      6. Paypal (for some products):  heogia@gmail.com

Please do NOT pay via other account. We don't have responsibility about that.

Payment Instruction 

1. View Pay via Pefect Money - Click here

2. With Bitcoin, Webmoney: send manually then inform us when you finish

3. Paypal

Contact us

1. Skype:  smtpspam

2. Email: heogia @ gmail.com

3. ICQ: 660685922